SUBTEAMS 2023/2024

Project Sunride is split into seven subteams: Analysis, Avionics, Experimental Series, Karman Series, Marketing, Sunfire Engine, Sunfire Feed System, and Recovery. Each of these subteams work together to design, test, and assemble all projects within Sunride. Our team members have the opportunity to assess where their interests lie within their passion for rocketry and the option to switch subteam to develop their skill set.
The Analysis team supports the Karman Series, Experimental Series and Sunfire teams with engineering analysis. This team is led by Ethan Edmunds, who has been a part of the team since April 2023.

Analysis engineers act as ‘consultants’ to other teams, working in areas related but not limited to:
– Aerodynamic fin design and optimisation;
– Structural analysis;
– Structural vibration analysis;
– Combustion analysis;
– Heat and mass transfer.
The Avionics team is responsible for the research, development & operation of avionics systems for multiple Sunride rockets. This team is led by Brandon Sharkey and Sam Scott.

Avionics are electronic control systems that are responsible for critical operations during a rocket’s flight, including motor ignition, stage separation and GPS tracking. The Avionics team has been working on MRAS, Armadillo, Llama.

MRAS is an altimeter and deployment system that is smaller and better than the current outdated commercial systems for amateur rocketry with a easy to understand user interface.

Armadillo is a remote arming board to replace the currently used screw switches that arm the deployment charges. It is safer to use than a screw switch and can be connected to and armed over WiFi.

LLAMA is a multi-functional control, actuation and data acquisition device for enabling the testing, firing, and launching of liquid-fuel rocket engines.
The Marketing team handles all of Sunride’s social media and sources exposure. This team is led by Stephen Lin.

The marketing team built this current active website and completed the documentary, ‘Karman Alpha: Twelve Feet Under’, which was released May 2024. Throughout the year they also released over 30+ varieties of rocket posters for our members.

The Recovery team ensures the safe retrieval of all Sunride rockets, working on parachute design, deployment systems, and tracking systems. This team is led by Edward George.

We work on a variety of recovery systems for future rockets. The team’s range of expertise spans across electronics, systems control, CAD design, and even machine sewing!

As each subteam is responsible for their spending, the subteam’s finance coordinator must keep their sheets up to date. They process and document orders on the master finance spreadsheet. The project’s finance leads meet with university staff, who give updates on the progress of Sunride’s budget and orders. This is led by Tom Danvers and Fintan Cluskey.
Fusion police make sure that Fusion360 designs are up to standard, assemblies are in order and every single part is designed for manufacture. They also offer advice on Fusion360 and run workshops for new members and those who want to strengthen their CAD skills.
The safety officer is in charge of making sure we uphold a very safe working environment within Sunride. This includes writing risk assessments, and also making sure that each member of their subteam remains within safe working practices. This is led by Merlin Reeves-Dyer.
Sponsorship outreach members take the time to email companies of interest to their subteam to offer marketing benefits in return for what the subteam is in need of. This could include key components for the project, software, funding and mentorship. They have the opportunity to make industry connections and gain experience in the economical sector of the industry. This is led by Alyssa Parris and Felix Wright.
Systems officers are in charge of documentation upkeep. They promote and establish the workflow and make sure that our parts list remains well up to date with technical drawings made and up to standard. This is led by Madi Menzies.
Technicians look after the workshop and provide their subteam with advice on manufacturing. They keep inventory of our workshop space and make sure that everything is running smoothly there. This is led by Merlin Reeves-Dyer.