X-3 was a two-stage test vehicle that demonstrated successful separation and ignition of the sustainer stage when launched in February 2023.

By launching both the upper stage of X-3 and the two-stage configuration, we were able to conclude that we needed a different parachute layout and different black powder sealing technique. Since both launches happened in one day, we were also able to build up the team’s launch experience prior to the launch of Karman Bravo in June 2024.
Test Rocket 2 (TR2) was our first two-stage rocket, designed to replicate the avionics systems that would be on Karman Alpha.

By launching TR2 in a two-stage configuration, we were able to verify that our flight computers could successfully perform stage separation and upper stage ignition.
Karman Mini was our first Avionics test rocket designed to fly with the MRAS board (Multi Rocket Avionics System) and a Raven altimeter. The main objective of Karman Mini was to provide cheap test flights for our MRAS avionics system.

We launched Karman Mini three times in total, in November 2022 and February 2023.